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Interior Design

What's our interpretation of Interior Design?

The art of combining elements of the surrounding natural world to create a beautiful, harmonious and sustainable space that reflects a connection to ourselves and the world around us.   

    Dining set with bamboo, ceramics and textiles          Bedroom set with bamboo, hanging macrame wall art, straw lamps and woven textiles from Mexico      

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”              Frank Lloyd Wright

What's our style guide? 

We like to combine elements of the natural environment where each individual project is located with the individual style of each of the users of the space. We complete this with a little #WorldbyHandDesign magic inspired by eclectic, colourful, handpicked (and handmade) pieces of decor from our native Mexico and around the world.

How do we work?

It's needless to say that each space is unique. Not only in regards of the location and construction, but the natural world that surrounds it and the specific desires of the space user. That's why no one project follows a predetermined design. This allows us to be flexible in our approach, customize each space to the specific demands of the user and create original spaces that reflect the surrounding environment. 

What else do we do?

Product Design

The work we do is not limited to interior design. We often design products specifically for the spaces we design, as required and upon request. This guarantees each space stays unique.


We also have our very own in-house landscape consultant who helps choose plants that are right for the inside and outside of each space. 

Architecture & Construction

When we are involved at the beginning of a project, we work with our very own in-house construction team and architects who can offer services for both natural* and modern construction specifications.

We've been working with WBH Arquitectura since they lead the architectural design and natural construction of our flagship World by Hand store, the neighbouring Vivo Tulum restaurant and the Vivo Dome and yoga studio in Tulum.

*We favour building with more sustainable, natural materials like bamboo, clay, sand and straw for our projects and source these materials locally within Mexico as much as possible.

Art Commissioning 

We treat all products we offer and source for spaces as works of art. From lamp shades to ceramic plates and potted plants, these pieces are both pleasing to the eye and useful. We do however like to compliment this decorative art and support local artists by finding or commissioning art for projects. We often have paintings, sculptures or photographs on display and available for purchase in our store. 

Modern wood and leather chair with potted plants and large hanging wall art with bamboo    Copper wall art with half-moon shapes   Large ceramic pineapple and dinnerware on table with black and white wall photograps

Do we have any recent projects?

Yes, of course. We've been a little busy lately though, and need a bit more time to update our portfolio, but here are a few highlights :)

Aflora Tulum, Interior Design (2023)


Feel free to get in touch with us to tell us about a project we can help with.