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Our Story

We are World by Hand. 

We travel the world to look for pieces of art made by people earning a living by working and creating with their hands. We negotiate fair prices to come back and display these beauties to the world they want to reach: the world that appreciates the beauty of hand creation.
From the mountain villages of Nepal, to the beaches and sierras of Mexico, to the desert sands of Morocco and to the jungles of Haití and beyond, we display the beauty of the world through its hand made art.


Our CEO and Founder, Francia Rábago, has a background in International Development and a passion for community empowerment through entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Through World by Hand, she has combined her passion for helping communities grow sustainably with her admiration for cultural diversity and heritage through handcrafted art, textiles and furniture.   

The idea for WBH came to her while she was working with a women's group in Haiti exploring subsistence and growth opportunities for them. There, she discovered her passion for textiles, hand-made crafts and natural construction. Since, she has embarked on a journey that has taken her all over the world to learn about the history and techniques related to the trade. It is now her mission to bring some of her favourite discoveries to you, through World by Hand.

Francia is an Ashtanga yogi, practices pole and aerial hoop and is a fierce defender of animal rights in her community. She is currently based in Tulum, in her native Mexico. When she's not off in the mountains or jungles visiting partner artisans, she can be found onsite at the World by Hand store in Tulum or at Vivo Tulum, the vegan cafe she opened with her mom next door. 


You can get in touch with Francia directly via email: