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About Us

 We are World by Hand. 

We travel the world to look for pieces of art made by people earning a living by working and creating with their hands. We negotiate fair prices to come back and display these beauties to the world they want to reach: the world that appreciates the beauty of hand creation. We have crossed the roads, the seas, the mountains of Haiti, Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, India and Lebanon to find treasure from the hands of their artisans.



Francia has a bachelor in International Commerce, a masters in International Relations and a postgraduate degree in International Development. She basically lives travelling. The longest she has lived somewhere in the last 3 years after she left Washington DC has been Haiti for four months where she has an organization called TiZwazo that aims at increasing the standard of living of women and their families.

World by Hand was born through her struggle to sell necklaces made by the women working with TiZwazo in Haiti. She realized selling only a few necklaces was not going to make the cut. She started travelling and connecting with artisans and organizations that are creating with their hands. Her dream is to form strong partnerships with these artisans in order to help them succeed in the global market. When she travels, she shows her little booth in the LA markets to artisans and she loves the reaction. The artisans become so happy to see their hard work projected somewhere else and she is excited to be able to work in connecting these dots for them.

Francia practices Pole and Aerial Hoop and is an Ashtanga yogi. She is currently based in Tulum, in her native Mexico. When she's not up in the mountains or jungle visiting partner artisans, she can be found onsite at the WBH shop or at Vivo, the vegan cafe she opened with her mom. Luckily they are both right next to each other. 

You can get in touch with Francia directly via email: