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Artisan Spotlight: Mirlo Zoo

Posted by Francia María Rábago Venegas on

When we roam around the world looking for artisans, we are aiming at finding creations that support families, that are carefully made, that integrate beauty and quality and that go beyond what we have seen. Well, Mirlo meets all of our dreams plus it includes and excessive amount of cuteness.

One day we were exhausted and hungry but decided to walk in this busy town on top of a mountain in Veracruz, and we found a baby giraffe peeking out of a display window. She was just oh so pretty, with so much personality and uniqueness, then we saw a cute fat rhino and we realized we were into something very special.



Nohemi is the head of Mirlo, she started knitting when she was 12 years old, watching a very old neighbor. She has strived to take knitting to a whole new level, and we believe she doesn’t even know how she overpassed her goals with her immense talent. Many creatures have been created by her, her studio is filled with all sorts of characters, from the movies, to prehistory. There is an ET, his finger lights up, and it is not like “ohhh this guy looks like ET” it’s like “This is ET made out of yarn” kind of thing.

One of her finest pieces is the T-Rex, it is one of the hardest ones to make too, he manages to stand in two feet!



Mirlo will take any challenge and make it real, just look at the cute little zoo we have, the amount of detail is amazing, plus Mirlo also works tapestries in different techniques. Every piece is done with so much care, it takes many days for a creation to be ready. As I said, Mirlo is a family business, everybody helps Nohemi finish a creation, but the magical touches are all hers.

When we were looking for an artist to make our logo by hand, we could not think of a better option. She chose an old and almost lost technique called “mola” and after many days of work, we are -as always- immensely happy with Mirlo’s creative results.




If you have any questions about her characters (most of them here in the online store), please send us an email. Mirlo works on assignment too so shoot us some words of what you need!


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