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Lourdes and Jacobo

In Lourdes and her family we have found what World by Hand looks up to: courage, motivation, love, friendship, beauty, and diligency. I met Lourdes in early 2016 in the market where she... READ MORE

Please come in!

Catching up with old and new friends. Boys, girls, I expect you all are doing as awesome as it can be possible. I wanted to let you know how life is going on this side... READ MORE

Mirlo zoo

When we roam around the world looking for artisans, we are aiming at finding creations that support families, that are carefully made, that integrate beauty and quality and that go beyond what we... READ MORE

Hand spun beauty

It took us a while to find this sleepy village high in a mountain. To reach it, we drove nine ours to the capital of Oaxaca, then another three to sleep in El... READ MORE