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Stunning Caracol


World by Hand works closely with five Oaxacan artisan families that have passed the zapotec tradition of weaving for generations. These rugs follow a careful and beautiful traditional process where the wool is naturally dyed and prepared in a loom to weave the particular symbolic designs of this region in southern Mexico.


Eloy and his family are the proud makers of this elegant design that was woven in a traditional loom in the south of Mexico.

Because each rug is individually woven, measurements could vary +/- 2 inches (5 cm). Because color is obtained from natural dyes, tones may differ slightly.

  • 100% wool
  • 24″ wide and 39″ long (2 x 3.2 ft)
  • 2.0 pounds
  • Dry clean only
  • All natural dyes

If backordered, the rug would take aproximately 15 days to be made plus shipping time. Remember, this is slow but beautiful fashion. 



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