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Mata Ortiz pottery by Beatriz Quezada


This outstanding design comes from the Quezada family. Beatriz Quezada has been experimenting lately with more contemporary shapes and colors. She gives an unique, sophisticated touch to every piece she makes. She combined many different shades of clay to achieve the palette of colors reflected in the finishing of this piece



Mata Ortiz pottery is highly recognized as a very innovative and one of the finest in the world. Mata Ortiz is a town in the north of Mexico that has a big portion of its population making a living from making ceramics. It all started in the 1980s when Juan Quezada Celado started to self-teach the century-old Paquime tradition of pottery and through  out the years he taught family members and neighbors expanding the handcraft to the whole town. Before ceramics, there were only seasonal agricultural jobs, now, about two thirds of the populations have indirect employment through these outstanding creations.



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